Standard colours available:

printed poncho
emergency blue poncho :Blue (Reflex blue)

green festival poncho :Green (pantone ref. 355c Hex Value #009E49)

promotional poncho :Yellow (pantone ref. 109c Hex Value #F9D616)

branded poncho :Red (pantone ref. 485c Hex Value #CC0C00)

poncho with company logo :Orange (pantone ref. 165c Hex Value #FF5F00)

event poncho :Purple (pantone ref. 245u Hex Value #E87FC9)

cheap rain poncho :White*

bulk quantity ponchos :Clear*

Our High quality rain ponchos can be made in various sizes and thickness. Click here for more details.

Or Click here to see the print packaging artwork options

For over 5,000 pcs. We will match as close as possible to any other colour

*Best value ( cheaper than all other colours)

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