Print, Packaging & Artwork Options


a) “All over” print is the same design/logo printed in a repeat pattern several times all over the front and back of the ponchos. See Marie Curie photo below:
event ponchos print

b) Print in “ONE” position on front and/or back. See NSPCC photo attached.

nspcc rain poncho print nspcc rain ponchos print

c) Sticker attachment to the poncho. The logo sticker is provided with the poncho as an additional item to affix.

clear poncho with sticker


Unless specified we provide each poncho in individual clear poly bags, or you can print the bags at a small extra charge. See below:
printed ponchos

There is also a novel droplet-shaped case and/or sports balls which can hold the ponchos i.e. Tennis balls, cricket, golf balls etc.

rain poncho in ball rain poncho in water droplet


Artwork to be provided in AI format .eps or .PDF file.



Biodegradable 0.02mm PE or 0.04mm PE

Re-useable 0.10mm PVC



Adult or Child